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Sesame Street Parents Magazine….Year’s Best Kid’s Video “will have kids rolling on the floor. Plenty of farm animals something children this age adore.” [more]


…Year’s Best Children’s Video “Any child will find laughter and reassurance in the antics of Woodhead and the songs are most satisfying.” [more]

Quotes and Reviews

“It’s happy. It’s Danceable. It’s caring. It’s fun.” – Kids VT

“Woodhead is a winner…An expression of happy confusion…An actor who lives for laughs: -- Burlington Free Press

“Spunky, infectious, catchy music.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Woodhead escapades hilarious. Zany!” – Indianapolis Star

“Laughs and applause to all-out hoots and yells of approval. Send children into hysterical laughter and bring adults back to wondrous moments of childhood.” – Jackson Hole News

“Woodhead won the crowds’ hearts.” – Evening Post Wellington, NZ

“Wacky! Truly funny escapades.” [more]

“…original, energetic with kid appeal. Will win repeated auditions.”– Booklist

“Woodhead rides to the rescue. Funny, goodhearted.” – Richmond Times Dispatch

“Madcap fun! Be there when Woodhead saves the farm.” – Brooklyn Heights Courier

“Whimsical. Endearing. Woodhead rescues Senator Patrick Leahy.” [more]

“Hilarious…delightful…energetic fun.” – Children’s Bookwatch

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The goofy New England-based children’s performer Woody “Woodhead” Keppel has been taking his show on the road for years. In his first video, he stars as a bumbling farmhand who tries the patience of his boss as the two scramble to prepare for a visit from Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont in celebration of Vermont Family Farm Day. The live-action video is filled with slapstick moments that will have kids rolling on the floor. There’s also plenty of footage of farm animals and equipment – something children this age adore.

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They’re getting ready for Vermont Family Farm Day festivities at Shelburne Farms, but well-meaning farmhand Woody Woodhead is making a mess of thins in his attempts to help. (Imagine Pee-wee Herman in a plaid shirt and overalls.) He spills the pigs’ food, lets all the sheep escape, and squirts milk everywhere but into the pail. Worst of all, the big tractor is on the loose, and it’s all Woody’s fault. Any child who has blundered while trying to be helpful will find laughter and reassurance in te antics of Woody and Farmer Guff. Plus, the animals are adorable and the songs are most satisfying.

The creators of this whimsical children’s tape put the farm-life genre in a new light by spinning footage of cows, sheep and other barnyard creatures into a little story. A Vermont farmer and his bumbling but endearing farm hand – thin the Skipper and Gilligan – are in a frenzy trying to ge their house in order for a visit from Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, who makes more than a cmeo appearance. Before the senator shows up, however, Woodhead manages to completely infuriate his boss through a series of mishaps, which lands the farmer injured and in bed after he steps on a rake Woodhead left lying around. Of course, in the end, as the title suggests, Woodhead saves the farm by getting it in tip-top shape for the guest of honor and then even goes on to “rescue” Leahy from a runaway tractor.

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Woodhead would rather play than do his chores, and he gets into all sorts of hilarious mischief involving barnyard animals, a runaway tractor, a bus load of college volunteers, and a U.S. Senator. It takes a group of local farm kids to show Woodhead that the best way to get things done is through teamwork. In the end, all of them save the day for the Senator’s visit. Woodhead Saves the Farm! Is a delightful 32 minutes of energetic fun and highly recommended for young viewers ages 2 and up.

Woodhead wackiness wins out

By Beth Stein

Take one bumbling farmhand (Woodhead), an impending farm visit from Sen. Patrick Leahy (playing himself) and only a day to prepare and you have the wacky formula for this wacky video written by and starring wacky actor Woody Keppel.

Did I say this was wacky?

Of course Woodhead – a Pee-wee Herman type without Herman’s flair – makes a total mess of everything, then manages to turn the day around with the help of a bunch of kids. All in all, this is a quality production.

I recommend Woodhead for ages 2-7. The exaggerated acting should play well to these ages, as will the many sight gags, five catchy tunes (available on CD), truly funny animal escapades, and the fact that Woodhead screw everything up in kid-like fashion then manages to become a hero.

Grownups will enjoy the splendid scenery at 1,400 acre Shelburne Farms in Vermont, a National Historic treasure, and everybody gets a big smile out of the animals in party hats that are interspersed wit hthe closing credits, the best part of the film, I think.